First of all, it's great to perform a job thats also my dream! In my profession as a commercial  airline pilot, I sometimes get the question if it is possible to have a peek in the cockpit during the flight. I always have to disappoint my passengers with the answer it isn't possible anymore. I always give them the opportunity to visit the cockpit during embarking and disembarking. (if time permits). I get positive feedback from that. The bit they don't get to see (departure, cruise, approach and landing) I record during the flight. This way they can get an idea of the daily live of a pilot.

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29 March 2011

My first upload was this flight to Samos.

13 augustus 2013

Approach and landing at Eindhoven airport (EHEH / EIN).

After landing taxied to S2.

18 March 2015

Approach and Circling runway 33 at Salzburg.

Films divided by location:

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